The Return of the Doily

Remember when having doilies in your home was a sign of being old? Your grandma probably did the doily thing, right? Doily under a lamp, doily under a candy dish, doilies on the coffee table, etc. Doilies (and lace in general) have long been associated with words like "old," "stuffy," "grandma-chic..."

Well, doilies and lace are suddenly having their comeback! It seems that you can't turn anywhere in the party/design world without seeing lace being used in new and modern ways. So, for your viewing pleasure, we've rounded up some great lace ideas from Pinterest today. While implementing a whole lot of this laciness at once might not be advised (a little lace goes a long way), these are all fun ideas to inject carefully into a design scheme...(as with anything in design, the ability to edit is of utmost importance!)


Source: via Kari on Pinterest

Source: None via Kari on Pinterest

Source: via Kari on Pinterest

Feeling inspired yet to go raid the local thrift shop for a bevy of lace beauties? :)
Happy Monday!


Leah said...

Oh wow, who knew?! I have drawers and boxes full of my husband's grandmother's handmade doilies...I love them because they are from her. I love them because I am a also a crafty person and appreciate the work that went into them. But I've always just thought "I'm not a doily kinda gal" so I've never felt like they fit in to my home from a design standpoint... hmmm...maybe I need to rethink some things! Loving those globe-like things hanging from the ceilings especially!