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Okay, let's talk Altitude Summit.
Yes, I'm late on this!  Weeks late, in fact.  I was going to get back from Alt and tear into this blog like nobody's business.  Alas, life happened.  So, I'm tardy on this blog once again.  (sigh)

The business cards at Alt are a big deal.  You have all these wonderful creative people in one place, and all of them are trying to present something business-card-wise that best represents their blog, their brand, their values.  So, in thinking up an idea for a Babs Blog business card, we thought we would do something fun, crafty, and useful.  (Those are three adjectives that we think are good descriptors of what we do here at the Babs Blog).

So, we made business cards with handmade earrings:

You know what?  Those earrings are made out of shrinky dinks.  Seriously.  No lie.  We wanted to take an ordinary kids craft material and turn it into something pretty.  (Tutuorial to come).

First of all, I have to say that my mom, Babs (yes, the namesake of this blog), was by far the major reason that this project got completed.  She worked her fingers to the bone on this one!  I am so grateful for her help.  She glued and glued and glued and glued.  And all she required was wine and chocolate.

I think nearly all of the pairs of earrings turned out different from each other.  We mixed and matched---it was quite fun!

We punched holes through our business cards and placed a pair of earrings on each one:

Then, we put the card and the earrings in these cute little mini bags with black polka dots.  The bags helped protect the earrings in transit.  Flying with a whole bunch (150-ish) was no easy task.  I'm super grateful for my travel buddy, Jen Little, who was kind enough to stuff my box of these business cards in her suitcase so I wouldn't have to carry them on the plane!

Here are some closeups of a handful of my very favorite earrings:

I've had so many nice people from Alt reach out and say thanks for their earrings!  It feels great that there are a handful of folks out there actually wearing what we made---so fun!  If you got a pair of these at Alt and are sporting them, please let us know!  We'd love to see what they look like on!  (If you instagram your earrings, use the hashtag #thebabsblog)
Also, I've done a recap of Altitude Summit in a couple posts over at Kari Joy.  If you're interested in hearing more about Alt, head on over!


jennifer little said...

It was the best and most beautiful card out there! The gift that keeps on giving...

Tricia said...

they were so cute!!! :)

Babs Blog said...

Thanks, Jennifer and Tricia!